Finally start speaking German today.

Deutschable's complete suite of self-paced online courses and live trainings was created specifically for English speakers who want to get motivated, be flexible and independent about learning German, and who don't want to spend a lot of time and money. Experience a unique method that is quick, stress-free, and makes the language crystal clear.

The full-stack German toolkit: Let us guide you, step by step, from start to finish. 

With Deutschable's professionally designed self-study German courses and live sessions, you'll speak German in no time - even if you know nothing about German or learning languages. No more need to stress or organize: Let Deutschable take you by the hand and let you reach your learning goals quicker than you ever imagined possible.

It'll work for you because it was made for you:

If you are anything like the hundreds of learners who are already enrolled in one or more Deutschable courses, you can't see yourself searching endlessly for a language course that fits your busy schedule and limited budget, with the prospect of questionable teachers, school policies, boredom, large group sizes, level divergence, and difficult personalities.

You want to be taught exactly what you need to learn at the right time, and never be left hanging. You want things compared to and explained in clear English.  You want the lessons to build up on one another - you want the same concepts to be repeated multiple times throughout the course because that's the best way to learn. You want to set your own frequency and pacing and not waste any time. You've come to the right place, with every one of our courses designed with exactly one thing in mind: you. 

"5 Minute German for Beginners"

This course was designed from the ground up to be as quick, useful, and laser-focused as possible, while still covering all the same topics (and more) that a language school course would - in a fraction of the time. Not a second is wasted, because each video in this self-paced course is LESS THAN 5 MINUTES LONG. So you can absorb a whole condensed lesson's worth of language while simply waiting for the bus.

Each information-packed video lesson is followed by a much more relaxed smart quiz that simulates a back-and-forth between teacher and student, offering helpful advice where you need it, and always bubbling up concepts from previous lessons. 

Lastly, each lesson has a comment section in which teacher and students can go over any questions and comments from the lesson. This is a standalone course but can be used to accompany or prepare for a live class.  Recommended Levels: A1.1-A2.1 (read more and try this self-paced course here)

"German Reality Classroom: Sit in on a Real Beginner Course"

Long-time German teacher and Deutschable founder Stephan filmed himself teaching a 100% real group of absolute beginners. Not just one lesson, but an entire course, over 15 sessions. And you can now take part in that course as if you are an invisible student - from the comfort of your own home.

This course serves to complement the "5 Minute German for Beginners" course by offering a more laid back approach to building your language skills for people who need more time or a second look, with much more practice, more questions, more mistakes, more topics, and more teaching styles. If you are a beginner who likes the idea of a classroom course but can't join one, this is the one for you. Recommended Levels: A1.1-A2.2 (read more and try this self-paced course here) 

"How German Grammar Works"

What's the deal with Dativ, Akkusativ, Nominativ and Genitiv? And how come Germans put the action word (verb) all the way at the end of some sentences? And why is the German word for "girl" not feminine? 

No matter if you know some stuff about grammar, or it scares and bores you to even hear the word, but you'd really like to know the answers to those types of questions and NEVER NOT KNOW why you're making mistakes in German, this is the course for you. Let's very gradually work our way from English to German and feel our mind expand into another dimension as whole new concepts of communication come into startling focus. We'll explore the WHOLE case system, everything you need to know about sentence structure, and amazing hacks to getting the gender right with German nouns nearly every time.  Recommended Levels: A1.2-B2 (read more and try this self-paced course here)

"The 1000 Most Frequently Used Nouns in German"

Just like Deutschable's flagship course "5 Minute German for Beginners", this vocabulary training course features videos that are at most five minutes long, quizzes that ensure that you remember what you learned in those videos forever, and a comment section that enables students and teacher to discuss the lesson anytime if there are questions or comments. Except at the end of this course, your German vocabulary will have expanded by up to 1000 of the most frequently used words ever.

Did we mention that you also get an illustrated ebook in PDF format (if you've read this far, you probably saw a popup for it already) with all 1000 of the words, and that all of this is completely FREE? Try it out today to see if this unique style of learning resonates with you. Recommended Levels A1.2-C1 (read more and try this self-paced course here) 

Private German Lessons

Need more? Book a set of private lessons with Stephan (Deutschable's founder and instructor in all courses) either as a grammar or conversational refresher, or to reach one or more levels in the quickest time-frame possible. Flexible online session scheduling and rebooking policies, and (the best part), if you are two people, the price is the same as for one person. 

Book a private demo lesson today and see for yourself if this your best way to move forward.

Note: Limited Availability. Recommended Levels: A1-C1 (read more and try this live course here)

Meet the teacher.

Stephan is a bilingual German-English language enthusiast, and it shows in his career: Since the early 2000s he's logged over 10.000 hours in classrooms of every type imaginable: From bathrooms to boardrooms, from factories to bunkers. Teaching kids, CEOs, developers, jobseekers and everything in between. Online and offline. Big mixed groups and one-on-one sessions. 

While following his passion of finding new and better ways of teaching languages he's also recruited, trained, and supported hundreds of teachers as a teacher trainer, worked as head of Training & Development at a large business language school, and co-founded his own popular school and relocation company in Berlin. 

All of his knowledge and experience is now dedicated to making Deutschable not only the best, but the ONLY place you need to go in order to learn German, at a price that allows anyone in the world to participate. 

Far from offering students lonely self-study sessions, Stephan is always open to discussion and conversing about and improving the lessons. He can be reached anytime in the comments of each lesson, or via the contact link at the bottom of this page.

He hopes to see you in class soon! 

"Stephan is one of the best language instructors I have come across! With an intuitive knowledge of individual students' struggles with German and a capacity to explain the structure of the language, in context, that exceeded my expectations ...watching Stephan go through strategies to explain sometimes complicated language structures helped me immensely as an instructor, to say nothing of my growth as a student."

-Nathan, Berlin

What the students are saying about our flagship course "5 Minute German for Beginners":



I have struggled to really grasp the concept until I found your website on Google. The videos are concise. The practice sessions feel personalized and are challenging. You explain in my native language (English) which makes it easier to relate. Thanks to you, I feel more confident by the day.



Deutschable is the most amazing German course I've ever found for beginners! The teacher Stephan explains very well and has a good methodology to teach us! He doesn't beat around the bush while teaching! I'm enjoying the course a lot and learning too!



I tried the Volkshochschule, but the process was slow!  had three different teachers for one A1.1 course! And each one had a different teaching style, which did not make the experience pleasant.

I am actually an English teacher. So I say this in all sincerity, this is probably the best course I have taken. I like that your videos are only 5 minutes. I try to do one module per day.

Here's what happens when you enroll:

You can buy access to all courses together, or each one individually. Either way, you can begin learning right away - no wait time. If you get an individual course or a whole-site membership, you'll receive an email with your user name and password to login anytime. You have complete access to all modules and lessons either as a one-time payment for one year (no recurring billing), or a monthly subscription (which you can easily cancel every month). During your membership, you will also have access to any new lessons or courses that are added, and there will never be any price increase for you. 

Check out what's included in the membership:

German Reality Classroom - Sit in on a Real Beginner Course - PREMIUM

This is a 100% real, filmed beginner German course, with real students and a live teacher - for you to stream anytime. It includes all 15 sessions and goes just beyond level A1.1. If you want the real German classroom experience but you're shy, introverted, far from a language school, on a tight budget or got a busy schedule, this is the course for you. (read more)

How German Grammar Works - PREMIUM

We've heard it a thousand times before - German grammar is too hard! But it doesn't have to be. Understand everything you need to know about the German case system, sentence structure, how to tell what gender a word is, and more - in just a few hours! Fun and ultra-informative, finally have it all "click" - even if you hate grammar. (read more)

5 Minute German for Beginners - PREMIUM

This self-paced beginner German course for English speakers was designed as an all-in-one online course from the ground up. Things could not be quicker, simpler, more condensed or more linear in each lesson: Watch a five-minute explainer video, take an interactive quiz to solidify your new knowledge, and move on to the next lesson. That's all you need to do to rapidly progress and gain new German language skills. (read more)

Vocabulary Builder: The 1000 Most Frequently Used Nouns in German - FREE

Imagine spending about 15 minutes a day on something, and within a month your German vocabulary has increased by up to 1000 words! In this FREE German vocabulary building course for ALL LEVELS, we will discover, practice and learn the most frequently used 1000 nouns in German! Includes a free illustrated PDF ebook with example sentences. (read more)

For some perspective:

€15 - €75

is what it might cost you to use a premium language-learning app for one month, regardless of progress.

€200 - €500

is what you would pay to take an A1.1 group course in a Berlin language school.

€900 - €1200

is what you would be charged to cover the contents of A1.1 with a decent private one-to-one teacher.

Ready? Let's go ahead and save some money!

For a fraction of the cost, join hundreds of satisfied Deutschable German students today!

Flexible Membership

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5.99 per month

One-Year Package

365 day full access, non-renewing, save 20% over subscription

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  • Access to any newly added lessons and courses during membership
  • One-time purchase, no recurring costs
  • 30 day 100% money-back guarantee


money back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you feel like you don't like the course(s), you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your initial purchase. No matter if you picked the monthly subscription or the 365-day package, you can opt out for any reason in the first 30 days. We want every one of our students to be 100% happy with their membership.

What the students are saying:


("German Reality Classroom" student)

These lessons are absolutely amazing!

Fantastic teacher. This is much more manageable than the online zoom classes, with work and parenthood having fluctuating time requirements this kind of lesson is perfect. My family and I are enjoying your class, and already are recommending it to folks we know moving to Germany.


("5 Minute German for Beginnners" student)

I feel more confident by the day.

I have struggled to really grasp the concept until I found your website on Google. The videos are concise. The practice sessions feel personalized and are challenging. You explain in my native language (English) which makes it easier to relate. Thanks to you, I feel more confident by the day.


("How German Grammar Works" student)

These explanations I finally understand!

I'd like to say that I have spent so much money on books, courses, time etc. and these / your explanations I finally understand!!! I think I'll finally be able to pass B1!!! I knew in my integration/immersion class I missed so much of the basics because it wasn't explained in English. I can not thank you enough!!!

A final word from stephan.

Oh, hey. You're still here.

That probably means that your interest is piqued, but you're still not 100% sure whether you should do this. At least not now.

Let me tell you what would happen if I were you. I would do something like bookmark this page, or store the link to it in a very big To Do list I keep, and then never get back to it. If you're like me, then this, right now, is really your only chance to commit and make what might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but keep in mind that for the price of a single meal in a restaurant here in Berlin, you could learn German on this site for several months!

What if you don't like it? Not only is there a 7 day trial period, but also a 30-day money back guarantee.

Still here but still no? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Send me a message at hello (at) deutschable (dot) com and tell me what's on your mind. I respond to all emails and look forward to hearing from you!

All the best and see you "in class" soon,