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Hi there. On this page you can make changes to how you access this site (ie. your email address and password), and how this site refers to you by name, if applicable. For purchase history, invoices, billing, subscription cancellation, see below.

For anything that has to do with your purchase (such as invoices, billing methods, or cancellations), you must go to Our Payment Processor's Customer Hub and enter the email address you used when purchasing access on Deutschable. They will send an email with a link to all your information. In order to cancel a subscription, click on Subscriptions, then View, then Cancel Subscription. You may be taken to your payment provider (such as Paypal) to confirm.

Please note that canceling a subscription is not the same as requesting a refund. Canceling a subscription means that you will not be charged in the future. To request a refund (if you are within 30 days of your initial purchase) please email me (Stephan) at and I will get that processed as quickly as possible (usually within 48 hours). Thank you and enjoy the course!