Finally understand how German works - even if you hate grammar!

This compact self-paced online course will quickly break away any confusion you have about the most "difficult-to-learn" aspects of the German language. Introducing "How German Grammar Works" - an absolutely essential resource for any German learner (A2-B2). Take the stress and guesswork out of using the German case system, sentence structure, and gender. Impress everyone with your new German skills and dramatically improve your test scores... even if you hate grammar.

Has no one ever properly explained to you why sometimes it's "der Mann" and sometimes "dem Mann"?

What about "das Mädchen"? How can the word for "girl" not be grammatically feminine? And why are action words often all the way at the end of German sentences? It's about time you find out - and breathe a sigh of relief as all these layers of confusion simply crumble away. 

With Deutschable's course "How German Grammar Works", all these concepts are explained slowly and methodically, while first building up a base of comparison with English, and then going into German examples. The vocabulary is kept extremely simple, so that you can follow along with almost no prior German knowledge! All you need for this course is to speak English!

With Deutschable's unique approach to German grammar, you don't need months of study.

No one wants to spend countless hours of their life studying grammar. And we definitely don't want to learn it by constantly being corrected and kept in the dark about why this is happening. Luckily, you don't have to put up with any of that: In this course, almost all aspects of the biggest grammar topics in German are carefully explained in clear English - in a unique sequence - why they're important, how they work, and how you can easily remember how to use them correctly! And you can gain mastery in just a few hours.

Watch, pause, rewind, change speed...

This course is self-paced. That means that you can stream the course contents whenever you want, at whichever speed or frequency works with your life. You're the boss and you can set the pace - either you do a lesson a day (about 5 minutes), or cover all the contents in a power-afternoon! 

Naturally, you can change the speed if things are too quick, or pause to have a think or take a break, or rewind and rewatch if you feel like you didn't catch something. And you can start over as often as you like in case you need a refresher!

Experience waves of "aha-moments" while most other students are left in the dark.

In too many language schools, grammar is a big taboo. Students are afraid of it. Teachers don't know it and/or aren't allowed to teach it. And certainly in most classes no English word can be spoken. How silly.

With Deutschable's "How German Grammar Works" we lift the stigma off the topic and the method, and explain everything you need to know without beating around the bush, without stretching it out over years, and in a way that anyone can understand. No matter what your level of German is.

And if you still have questions, you can interact with the teacher and community of students anytime in the comments of each lesson!

Immensely useful information no matter what you're learning German for.

On the one hand, if you're studying German in order to pass an important test that awards lots of points for grammatical accuracy, or judges your texts based on how many mistakes you make, this course will massively improve your performance.

On the other hand, though - and this is really the point of Deutschable - the idea here is really for you to be better able to understand Germans, and become capable of being better at expressing yourself as well. Understanding how to do these things not only improves your daily communication in Germany, but also opens up your mind to a whole new level of experiencing language.

Meet the teacher.

This is Stephan. He really likes grammar. German grammar, English grammar, Russian, French... you name it. If he can't answer a grammar question for you, he wouldn't be able to rest until he found out the answer. He loves grammar. But he completely understands that almost NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES. And back when he was in school, he absolutely hated it, too. It was boring and useless.

What happened? Stephan became a language teacher and, like almost all modern language teachers, was told to ignore grammar. "Don't teach grammar", his teachers and trainers would say. He should still correct his students when they made mistakes, but he should never tell them WHY they made the mistakes.

That seemed odd. Almost like a conspiracy. So Stephan decided to ditch that approach, learn all he could about how German (and English) grammar worked, and decided to simply explain, in English, in the beginning of each of his classes, what was going on structurally, and when everyone understood, we would go to the communicative exercises and when the students were corrected, they knew exactly WHY they were being corrected, what they did wrong, and what they could do to improve.

That was roughly 12 years ago. Stephan had already been teaching for years without really knowing what a preposition or a conjunction was, much to the detriment of his students. And now that he's founded Deutschable, it's one of his life goals to make his students not only understand these concepts, but to use them as powerful tools in communication and empowering the mind.

He's thrilled to have you here and hopes to "see" you in one of his courses here.

Here’s what people are saying about Stephan



These lessons are absolutely amazing!

Fantastic teacher. This is much more manageable than the online zoom classes, with work and parenthood having fluctuating time requirements this kind of lesson is perfect. My family and I are enjoying your class, and already are recommending it to folks we know moving to Germany.



Stephan is one of the best language instructors I have come across!

With an intuitive knowledge of individual students' struggles with German and a capacity to explain the structure of the language, in context, that exceeded my expectations ...watching Stephan go through strategies to explain sometimes complicated language structures helped me immensely as an instructor, to say nothing of my growth as a student.



These explanations I finally understand!

I'd like to say that I have spent so much money on books, courses, time etc. and these / your explanations I finally understand!!! I think I'll finally be able to pass B1!!! I knew in my integration/immersion class I missed so much of the basics because it wasn't explained in English. I can not thank you enough!!!

Here's what happens when you enroll:

You can purchase this course on its own, or as part of the suite of Deutschable online courses. Once you purchase access, you can begin learning right away - no wait time. You'll receive an email with your user name and password to login anytime. You have complete access to all modules and lessons, either as a one-time payment for one year of access or as a monthly subscription (if purchased as a bundle). If you spend 10 minutes a day with this course, you should complete it in about 2 weeks - and if you're really ambitious, you can finish it in one afternoon. This course was designed to be universally understood (if you are an English speaker), but it is highly recommended that you finish German level A1.1 to make the most of it, so you understand the example sentences. There are two self-study A1.1 courses on this site (this one and this one), which you will have unlimited access to if you purchase this course as a bundle.

Quick, fun-sized lessons - to be watched one after the other!

Here's an overview of the contents of this course. There are 28 lessons (most under 10 minutes long, so you can do them while waiting for a bus) that progressively lift the veil off of the mysteries of German grammar. You can enjoy the first ones for free without registering, so be sure to try them right now! Enjoy!

Module 3: Everything You Need to Know about Gender in German

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Bonus: There's even more!

By subscribing to Deutschable, you get complete access to all other PREMIUM courses on the site, including two completely separate full-length beginner courses. It's recommended you watch one of these if you are a beginner in German, before watching the grammar course. You can try the first module of each for free.

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Supercharge your German, not your credit card: Learn German for less than a night out.

This course covers grammar elements that are touched upon in levels A1-B2 - and a surprising amount of related topics that would normally not be covered in language schools. In other words, here you're actually learning the grammar of 6 different course levels combined, at a tiny fraction of the cost of taking these levels in a language school.

 Try it out for yourself and rest assured that if you don't like it, you benefit from a free trial period as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



365-day full access to just this PREMIUM online course

  • Try before you buy: 7 day free trial
  • Full teacher and community support
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee



Access to all PREMIUM courses, 365 days access, non-recurring

  • Try before you buy: 7 day free trial
  • Immediate access to all courses on Deutschable
  • Access to all new lessons and courses during one-year period
  • Full teacher and community support
  • One-off payment, no recurring subscription
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

money back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your initial purchase. No matter if you picked the monthly subscription or the 365-day package, you can opt out for any reason in the first month. We want every one of our students to be 100% happy with their course.

A final word from stephan.

Still got questions?

I realize that this course might not be for everyone. I know for sure that sometimes even online courses are about topics that I find mind-numbingly boring, no matter how understandable and exciting the teacher presents them. Or sometimes the topics are exciting but the presentation is just lacking.

If you tried the course and didn't like it, I'd love to know what I can do to make these topics more appealing to you. I'm always interested in developing new materials (I did make two completely different A1.1 courses in this site, after all) that cover the same ground from a different perspective. Get in touch with me anytime at hello (at) deutschable (dot) com and shoot me an email, I'll get back very quickly. Or use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

If you didn't try the course, though, I want to take this opportunity to definitely take a chance on it. Unless you know the difference between "Ich warte auf den Mann" vs "Ich warte auf dem Mann". :-)

See you in class, hopefully!

All the best,