Break through the paralysis and really start learning German today!

Do you feel stuck and like you're not making progress learning German? Are none of the options out there working for you? Finally, here's the solution that immediately gets your gears turning and rapidly builds up your German skills.

Why are you putting off learning? Or is learning putting you off?

Let's face it, there are many ways to learn German out there - and a lot of them get great reviews. There are tons of apps, in-person and online group language courses, books, magazines, podcasts, blogs... you name it. But none of it seems to have won you over and you're in a bind: Clearly these things are working amazingly for some people, just not you.

One big problem is decision paralysis. The fact that there are so many options out there makes it really hard to choose one and stick with it. So we end up hoarding: loads of open tabs, unopened apps, a library of books and audio materials, maybe even some live courses that didn't quite lift you out of your slump. 

Sometimes the most productive you feel is when you are acquiring more learning material - but then never really end up engaging with it. And you feel bad about it because of the time and money you spent.

The truth is this: There are many different learning styles and while a particular course or app may work wonders for one person that doesn't mean that it needs to work for you. And so the search continues and the collection grows...

  • It's really hard for you to get motivated and go through the motions to even begin to start learning.
  • It's difficult to concentrate - You keep getting distracted & questioning whether you should even be doing this now.
  • You feel like things aren't really coherent or match your skill level and it's impossible to keep your interest
  • You suspect that a lot of the material is just added for volume, or that the teacher is just killing time.
  • When you lose track you tell yourselfthat you will look at the book or your copious notes later - but never do.
  • For you, this material is really boring, frustrating, obsolete, irrelevant, and/or slow - definitely not right for you.
  • You daydream when you should be reading. You procrastinate when you should be productive. You never do homework.

Does that sound familiar?

There's more! The frustrating thing is that learning German is definitely not the only thing on your plate right now - and by far not the most important.  If anything, it is just another item on your list of things you feel like you should be doing but can't give the necessary attention to in order to do it right. You only have so much mental bandwidth.

So you feel frustrated and frozen in place, deflated and utterly unmotivated to click on that app or look for another course. You're an intelligent, accomplished person who, with the proper guidance, can surely pick this language up easily. If there was a type of solution that actually accommodated your brain and your busy schedule - it would finally put an end to this stress and feeling overwhelmed. 


There is a solution:

My name's Stephan and I've been teaching German and English since the early 2000s - and I've been a teacher trainer for almost as long. In my thousands of teaching hours I have grown from a bad teacher who's caused students to cry and storm out of the classroom to a teacher who can proudly look back on so many instances of incredible success that his students have had making a new life for themselves with the help of their new language. 

I've taught a huge variety of people, with all types of problems, at all levels and learning styles, in multiple countries, offline and online, in schools, startups, factories, even a bunker! I've taught CEOs, copywriters, engineers, developers, and the unemployed. I've managed language schools for over a decade, running the quality control of hundreds of teachers and training processes all over Germany, developing learning materials and curricula used by thousands of learners all over the world.

The bottom line is: When it comes to language teaching and this industry, I have a vast and varied experience to draw on and I know what works, what doesn't, and why. I know my stuff (and no one's cried in my classes in years, I promise!)

But - outside the classroom - I'm a terrible learner. 

My secret is this: I am the emperor of procrastinating, the king of daydreaming, and the arch duke of being incredibly distracted. I could go on for pages describing how these issues have affected my life. It would barely scratch the surface to say that I spent tons of money just to set up the elusive distraction-free workspace, or bought loads of books I've never read, or that my hoarded browser tabs and bookmarks and to-do lists could circle the globe, or that I've spent entire days at work just playing stupid mobile games instead of reading a single email - all of which of course feeds deeper into spirals of worries and distracting thoughts until everything just feels overwhelming and you end up doing nothing at all

It's vexing to be so functional in some regards, yet so dysfunctional in others. And it's vexing that often the things we keep putting off are the things we are most excited about!

I also know what it feels like to have "learn a language" on the list of things to do, on top of all of this.


I believe that I am qualified to offer a SOLUTION that actually works.

I am proud to say that what you're about to test for yourself is the ultimate culmination of my many years of experience in the language education industry coupled with an all-too-intimate understanding of the pain felt by learners like us.

Introducing the Deutschable self-study German course that finally frees your mind.

Imagine at last having all the guidance you need to learn German. No more decision paralysis, no more chasing the next expensive learning aid. This all-in-one progressive course takes you quickly from absolute beginner level to conversant in a time frame that fits your schedule. Feel your brain light up with new abilities as you swiftly move through the lessons while having fun and full focus. Break the cycle and finally start learning today.

A program built on years of student feedback, language teaching, and course building experience.

These lessons are absolutely amazing! Fantastic teacher. This is much more manageable than the online zoom classes, with work and parenthood having fluctuating time requirements this kind of lesson is perfect. My family and I are enjoying your class, and already are recommending it to folks we know moving to Germany.

Gerard (review of the predecessor course to this one)

Stephan is one of the best language instructors I have come across, with an intuitive knowledge of individual students' struggles with German and a capacity to explain the structure of the language, in context, that exceeded my expectations ...watching Stephan go through strategies to explain sometimes complicated language structures helped me immensely as an instructor, to say nothing of my growth as a student.

Nathan (review of one of my live German courses)

I'd like to say that I have spent so much money on books, courses, time etc. and these / your explanations I finally understand!!! I think I'll finally be able to pass B1!!! I knew in my integration/immersion class I missed so much of the basics because it wasn't explained in English. I can not thank you enough!!!

Lori (review of another older self-study course of mine)

"I wouldn't even have known where to begin."

I hate having problems far outside of my field of expertise. There are many times in my life that I've wanted someone who knows what they're doing to just... take over. Because I didn't even know where to begin. Two unrelated questions in my recent life come to mind: What's the best thing for me to order/cook/eat every day, and what I can I actively do with my infant child to keep him occupied in a developmentally appropriate way? I am not a nutritionist and I am not a child psychologist. And I'm too busy (or mentally blocked) to become an expert on these topics - especially since in real time I also have to eat and the kid is quickly growing - which was adding to my stress.

The solution for me was a complete GAME-CHANGER: My partner and I joined two subscription services. One that delivered a precise amount of healthy ingredients and recipes for us to cook into varied and tasty meals every week. And one that would, every few months, send us a box of imaginative toys and books that were scientifically proven to be appropriate, entertaining, and challenging for the baby at each stage of development. In both cases no input from us was ever required - we never had to make a single decision. And in the process we became much better cooks and much better informed about what our child needed.

Using these services took a huge load off and greatly reduced that nagging feeling that there was something I should be doing better. And here's the kicker: Both of these services are MUCH cheaper than what the alternative would have been, which would be me randomly ordering or impulse-buying food and toys at random intervals, guided by nothing but my whim at the moment - not knowing if what I bought is actually really good for us. And let's not even talk about wasted or unused food because the purchased quantities were too large, or toys that dull the mind and just sit around collecting dust.

And that's exactly what this German course is all about. Even though it is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION product, it does give you what you need, when you need it. In healthy and appropriate quantities and increments. So you can relax, free your mind of this responsibility, and trust that your learning progress is expertly taken care of as you swiftly move from lesson to lesson and feel your German skills grow!

The solution is simplicity itself.

What we need is expert guidance. A clear and direct path from point A (beginner in German) to point B (conversational in German). No deviations, no choices, no backtracking, no outside resources, no worksheets, no homework, no time wasters. This entirely self-contained course gets us there in an easy, linear, and progressive way, step by step, and includes everything you need. This is all you ever have to do: 


Watch the short video.


Take the quick practice quiz.


Click "Next" & move on to the next lesson. That's it.

Discover unique features and benefits that make a huge difference:

You'LL NEVER HAVE to switch over to anything else - ever!

Unlike "part-of-the-complete-picture" offers and supplements you can find elsewhere, Deutschable is a complete suite of progressive lessons: You don't need anything more to learn German. There are no distractions, add-ons or upsells. There are no links, no PDFs, no outside videos, no pop-ups and no recommendations. You move from lesson to lesson and rapidly feel your German improving.

quick, fun-sized lessons that really pack a punch

It's easy on the brain and your busy schedule. There's an iron-clad rule in this course: No video can be longer than 5 minutes. At least for me, if I need to watch or read anything or listen to someone for longer than 5 minutes, I daydream, trail off and, if possible, need to go back to the last part I remember (my eyes or the teacher, meanwhile, are already many paragraphs ahead). This happens even if, or especially when, the thing I'm watching or reading is really interesting, as it inspires new thoughts and tangents. To counteract this, in the Deutschable course we keep each lesson super short and immersive, not giving your brain the pause to unhook until the lesson is over, and make it crave the next one!

never feel lost again: All explanations in plain English

All explanations are in clear English. The taboo of using a so-called reference language is such long-established orthodoxy that it is rarely questioned. We're doing away with it and using the fact that you know English as a huge advantage. On the one hand, it's much more clear, way less frustrating, tons more interesting, and saves a load of time (because we'll know exactly which concepts and words are the same, similar, or different, while language schools have to assume that everything is radically unfamiliar to the student (say, if they speak no European language at all) and the whole class proceeds at that pace. As the course progresses, we slowly phase out the use of the English language.

seems like you're in a brain fog? Learn german almost passively

Every concept you learn in Deutschable is recycled and re-introduced in new and novel ways throughout the course, so you NEVER even need to take notes (which, let's be honest, you weren't going to look at again anyway). If a new word or grammar concept is taught in one five-minute video, it will be presented again soon thereafter in a different context, or using a different teaching method. Later, it will be used more casually in yet another context, and so on, until it becomes just another thing you know. It's almost as if your wealth of language grows passively, in the background. It also means that even if you just absorb a small part of each lesson because you're tired, you still won't miss out and it will still count.

no drifting off - you'll be hard-locked into each lesson

Gone are the days of the video course instructor who sits behind his desk and smashes dinosaur toys together. The Deutschable course is designed to be visually engaging, using a mix of animation and video footage, and a huge variety of styles. The course is easy on the eyes and easy on the ears, with special attention paid to production value - no one likes static, or popping and crackling microphones - and how can I expect you to focus on the lesson if I'm not even in focus myself?

use actual, real, useful language right from the first minute

Rather than use the same tired, irrelevant and contrived situations and simulations you find in course books, written to appeal to everyone (and in effect appeal kind of to no one), such as writing a letter to your pen pal in Heidelberg, we'll focus on introducing vocabulary based on how frequently it is actually used by real Germans. This will enable you to speak about vastly more interesting things from the very first lesson, while your peers in language classes are still practicing their formal greetings. We also take into account the actual types of interests, problems, interactions with Germans, and social structures relevant to expats and visitors to Germany that reflect current reality, not the obsolete or sugar-coated fantasy you often see reflected in language learning materials.

never feel overwhelmed - always feel perfectly whelmed

In this course, we use the 80/20 ratio of already-known to newly introduced language. Even from the very beginning, when we learn our first words in German we'll find them embedded in a context of words that sound identical or incredibly similar to their English counterparts. And we'll never combine brand new grammar with new vocabulary. This makes for smooth and enjoyable learning without frustration - and also without boredom. Context for new vocabulary is always ultra-high so that it's a breeze to intrinsically get a feel for what the word means - even if it doesn't quite exist in English - (like the opposite of overwhelming).

NEver too slow or too fast - follow along at your own pace

Language schools and online courses by their very nature require you to go at a certain speed to reach the desired goal, to follow along with the rest of the class or to absorb the load of material presented. This is far more often than not incompatible with the reality of the students' lives and leads to flaky attendance and ultimately course abandonment. And even fear of starting at all. Deutschable is segmented in such a way that you can learn at whichever speed works for you - no stress.

universally compatible so you can easily compare and connect with others

With all of these unique qualities of the course you might be surprised to learn that it not only conforms to, but exceeds the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR), which you might know as the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. In other words, when you take this course, you are learning the same things and the same skills as your peers in language schools, and much more. The course is designed for you to be able to, if you wish, switch over effortlessly to a language school or private teacher or level-pegged self-study books.

experience lessons that are completely in tune with your learning progress

Every element of each lesson has been purpose-built for this course and has been designed to enable a smooth, enjoyable and immensely educational flow through the different stages. This course is entirely created by me, your teacher, Stephan, from beginning to end. Its cohesiveness comes from the fact that is was made by one person, not by a committee, not based on compromises, not clobbered together with different series of course books or materials floating around some corporate archive, not watered down to fit the most broad common denominator of student, and not interpreted through a variety of teachers that may not be aware of what was taught at any previous juncture. That gives this course the feeling of being in a private lesson with a teacher who knows exactly what you have already learned and where the journey is going. No more jarring disconnects, loose ends or open questions. Making this course has been a labor of love for me, and as I continually work on improving and continuing the course, I am excited to hear what you think!

The big problem with all the other stuff out there

Here's the truth: There really, objectively, are terrible ways to learn a language. In my career I've professionally evaluated more lazy, oblivious, inexperienced, or simply bad teachers (and their managers) than I am able to count - and of course I myself definitely didn't start out as a shiny beacon of wisdom and guidance either. I've gone through self-learning apps that only hard-wire bad language or learning habits, and seen online courses with such jarring production value or such randomly assembled lessons that I just had to give up soon after starting. It was a big waste of time and money. A big problem is the pervasive belief (especially among many language school administrators) that anyone can teach just because they speak the language. Is your time and money worth that gamble?

Don't get me wrong - there are also many amazing options outside of the Deutschable course that definitely work for lots of people.  But not for everyone. Not for me - and very likely (if I've been able to keep your attention for this long) not for you. These are some of the biggest systemic and incredibly common problems learners of German routinely struggle with - and how we can overcome them:

Stuck with a teacher you don't like.

When you're in the classroom it's often a complete crap-shoot what kind of teacher you end up with - experienced, brand-new, exuberant and active, strict and traditional, married to a particular teaching style, or able to spice things up. The same goes for online courses, that may have been written and edited by complete hacks with only a superficial understanding of the subject they're talking about. I can't promise that my approach and the way I come across is your cup of tea - and if it isn't, then this course is definitely not for you because I am in a LOT of videos. Actually, all of them. What I bring to the table is two decades of experience as a language teacher, both in English and German. I have thousands of teaching hours under my belt that have shaped my knowledge of students and their needs, expectations, problems, and which approaches really make the words and grammar "click". I am excited for you to try and see the difference for yourself.

English prohibited in the classroom.

The taboo of using a so-called reference language is such long-established orthodoxy that it is rarely questioned. Most language courses and course materials in Germany are built with the assumption that the students (and teachers) have no language in common, so the course must default to German as a matter of necessity. I'm doing away with that and using the fact that you know English as a huge advantage. It's much more clear, way less frustrating, tons more interesting, and saves a load of time (because we'll know exactly which concepts and words are the same, similar, or different rather than assume (which language schools have to do most of the time) that everything is radically unfamiliar to the student (say, like if they speak no European language at all) and the whole class proceeds at that pace. As the course progresses, we'll slowly phase out the use of the English language.

Teaching method does not fit your needs.

Often, teachers and schools use only one very specific method to introduce language elemtents (like words, phrases, grammar, etc.). Often they are required to do so, and very often forbidden from using certain methods because it doesn't fit their brand and sales pitch. This applies to things like allowing the teacher to speak English in class, or talking about grammar explicitly, or allowing translation activities. In the Deutschable course we'll encounter a wide variety of styles to bring the points across, and we'll use the fact that you understand English to our advantage, absolutely. You'll see what a difference this makes in terms of comprehension and speed of progress. Some examples of the activities we'll use in this course are quick drills (also called direct method, it's like playing ping pong or developing a Pavlovian reflex) to get the brain into auto-pilot mode, some communicative approaches by simulating realistic everyday encounters with Germans, some comparative linguistics to make the analytical side of your brain understand the structure of the language and make allegedly "difficult" German grammar and vocabulary more approachable - and that's just a small sample of what's in our toolkit for this course.

Teacher seems to just be killing time.

In this course, we will never ever suffer through "substitute teacher syndrome" where you feel like the instructor is just killing time. Time that you're paying for. You'll never have to suffer through a bored or inexperienced teacher mechanically putting you into pairs or groups and letting you do almost whatever, or spending way too much time going over someone's homework, or getting derailed by irrelevant questions, going off on tangents, or letting the class sit in silence watching their back as they slowly write things onto the whiteboard. In the Deutschable course every second counts. This doesn't mean we'll be rushing through the material, but we will use every moment as productively as possible to ensure that you are not wasting your time and money.

Course seems to drag on and on.

German courses in language schools, especially the public or traditional famous ones are at least 25% longer than they need to be, but more often than not they are twice as long as is necessary for people who already know English - like you. The two languages have much more in common than you may realize, and this dramatically affects how we can conduct our lessons. Two examples: A Ukrainian speaker who does not know any other language might struggle with the concept of "the" - when to use it, or "a/an" or nothing at all... while if you know English (even if Ukrainian is your native language) we don't need to bother even talking about it, because when you use these is virtually identical in both languages. But in a language school, the concept of articles needs to be elaborated on because the assumption is that every language element is entirely foreign to the students. Even in the most flexible schools, the pace of the lessons is determined by the "weakest" student. This can be frustrating and definitely does not need to be the case. With Deutschable, the contents are hand-selected to work for people who already speak English, making use of your full potential as a learner of German.

Topics are ridiculous.

Rather than use the same tired, irrelevant and contrived situations and simulations you find in course books, written to appeal to everyone (and in effect appeal kind of to no one), such as writing a letter to your pen pal in Heidelberg, we'll focus on introducing vocabulary based on how frequently it is actually used by real Germans. This will enable you to speak about vastly more interesting things from the very first lesson, while your peers in language classes are still practicing their formal greetings.

We also take into account the actual types of interests, problems, interactions with Germans, and social structures relevant to expats and visitors to Germany that reflect current reality, not the obsolete or sugar-coated fantasy you often see reflected in language learning materials.

Teacher is nice but inexperienced.

While many language teachers are absolutely excellent, sadly it is far too common for schools to hire almost anyone who seems to know a language, give them minimal or no training, with little to no follow-up or quality control. As a language student, you might very well find yourself in a situation where the teacher talks too much, or the course ignores the fact that English speakers already know the words because they're similar in English, or the teacher feels obligated to cover everything in the book (no matter how boring or irrelevant), teaches exclusively towards some test that you don't care about, neglects the class in order to focus on either the most extroverted or the weakest student almost exclusively, lazily puts students into pairs or groups most of the time (where they pick up each others' mistakes), allows far too much "silent time", has no strategies for dealing with students that have different skill levels (incredibly common).  Not only does this Deutschable course not have these problems - it was actively designed to provide students with the exact opposite experience. Face it: You should not have to pay to be part of this teacher's hands-on teacher training, no matter how nice they are.

By the way, speaking as a long-time language school manager, if you find yourself in this situation, as awkward as it might be, let the school know and request a transfer to a different class - this kind of situation is very unlikely to improve by the end of the course.

Apps aren't capturing interest.

Same as with language schools and teachers, lots of apps are pretty cool, but that does not mean that their approach to the language fits your learning style. What I've found is that apps either require way too much decision-making on the part of the user leading to fatigue, run with an outdated methodology (constant grammar-translation) because they were developed by people without a language teaching background, have distracting ads that take you out of the flow (or you have to pay a steep monthly price for ad-free access), don't seem to build language skills up cohesively (as in, language topics are compartmentalized into a lesson and then never revisited), or are just fun motor-memory games with minimal or completely absent retention.

In a nutshell, for me as a language learner myself, no app has been able to get me to stay hooked longer than the initial five minutes of playing with the demo version. With the Deutschable course, I've taken the best parts of apps (mobile-friendly, portable, slightly gameified experience) and combined it with the best of a private coaching (successive lessons that build on one another cohesively) while reducing all possible distracting factors to zero.

Not convinced? Ask yourself this about 15 minutes after the end of a lesson or a session with an app: What did I actually learn? 

So many of your peers will continue sitting in class waiting for (or dreading) their turn to speak, or swiping around on some app, with all these obstacles in their way and dragging them down - making the acquisition of the language skill frustrating, slow, and expensive. They will be repeating levels, put off starting classes, give up along the way, only to eventually start the process over again. Break out of the cycle today and experience the difference with the Deutschable course..

with Deutschable You Get Much more than The Basics


Immediate Access to 120+ Sequential Lessons

The core of this course consists of 30 modules containing 120 video-plus-quiz lessons, each of which should take about 10 minutes to complete and smartly builds up on all preceding lessons and quickly get you to level B1. Enjoy a whole year of access to the platform - more than enough time to complete all the lessons - without the option to put it off forever! Pleasant surprise: This is NOT a self-renewing subscription service


Extra Lessons for Advanced Level Prep

After completing the main course, you'll be able to easily move through several included bonus lessons with unique invaluable tips and tricks and insights into higher-level grammar and language topics that students typically struggle with, giving you an immense edge as you confidently continue your German progress and reap the most benefits if you should choose to learn German with a tandem partner or continue studying on your own.


Teacher & Community Interaction

Each lesson includes an active comment section for questions and feedback, to engage with me and other students, and to voice your opinions and/or questions about each lesson. I always work to improve and expand the course, and you may receive exclusive offers and invites to try new products / expansions and join private social media groups or attend live events only for course participants.

from daydream to reality

By the end of this German course, you will confidently...

  • deal with normal daily interactions with Germans
  • have real conversations about yourself and others,
  • speak about things that happened in the past,
  • make small talk about a variety of topics, 
  • talk about where you live, your interests, and routines,
  • use exit strategies and deal with emergencies,
  • pronounce German without sounding like a sick cat,
  • utilize an active vocabulary of 5000+ common words,
  • guess grammatical gender of words with high accuracy
  • understand how German sentences work,
  • know the case system better than Germans themselves, 
  • count to infinity, express prices, tell time and dates, spell, 
  • be primed to absorb German effortlessly on your own,
  • and so much more!

Try it out yourself. Here are lessons one to four.

It's crucial that you and your teacher are a good match. What better way to see if that's the case than in a nice trial lesson or four? To start, let's do something unusual: Rather than start with boring greetings and farewells (no worries, we'll get to those as well), we dive right into some juicy, much more important and infinitely more useful bits, right from the beginning. The goal is to set the groundwork and start talking meaningfully right away, from the first lesson.

So let's get cracking. Watch the video, take the quiz and move on to the next lesson...

Let's head on to the second lesson:

Keep the momentum! Let's try the third lesson:

Now let's take a stab at the fourth lesson:

CONTINUE learning in less than 2 minutes from now!

Get access today and benefit from the lowest price ever!

As I continue to update, improve and expand the course, the price will increase incrementally. Please also be aware that new enrollment for this course is not always open.





120+ Video+Quiz lessons

One year unlimited access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Single, one-time payment

30 Days


Love it but not "in love" with it? 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason at all, you're not 100% satisfied with this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and you'll be given a swift refund.


The place for us to hopefully address any lingering questions or concerns.

What about speaking? This course has no speaking components, does it?

This course does not include active speaking components. This was a conscious decision. The idea is that the course will quickly bring you to a level in which you will get much more out of speaking practice than in the very beginning, because it will allow you to have actual meaningful conversations with your friend/(tandem-)partner/in-laws/cute person at the cafe/co-workers, rather than hollow phrases. 

Speaking time is actually a secret problem in language schools, that boils down to simple math: in a 90-minute lesson where the teacher speaks half the time (if you're lucky), your speaking time will be 45 minutes divided by the amount of students (if all student are the same level of extroversion and dominance), leaving you with what? Five minutes of speaking? You may also end up speaking in pair or group work, which I always found to be counterproductive and as a teacher I never had my classes do those activities. I could go on and on about that - but suffice it to say here in the Deutschable course you will receive all the pronunciation practice you'll need to understand, and we'll train your brain to effortlessly produce German, even if the mouth isn't always involved as much. 

Obviously, you're highly encouraged to speak along with the lessons whenever your environment allows it :-) On a last note: I recommend taking either a pronunciation class or a few private one-to-one lessons if you feel that you can't be understood, in order to pin-point the problem and address it specifically. Remember also that your goal should always be to be understood first - and having a bit of an accent actually helps Germans understand you better as a learner because they'll be prepared for mistakes. 

Every learner is different. This one-size-fits-all approach isn't for me.

Hey, that's not a question. This isn't Frequently Expressed Sentiments! But all that aside, it's 100% true that this course may not be right for you, and I highly encourage everyone to check out the demo lesson above before making the decision to buy. However, I would also say that, especially for beginners, given the types of relevant topics introduced in various contexts, and the wide variety of teaching styles employed, and the flexibility in terms of learning speed, that this course should be incredibly useful to a huge variety of learner types. And again, consider the alternative: Unless you get a private teacher, you'll end up in a class where the contents and speed will almost certainly conform to a denominator who is not you.

I don't think I'm a beginner anymore. I've passed the A1 (or A2) level already.

That's great! It is likely that this course won't contain much new information. You will probably have heard many of the these concepts before. But if you feel like you could use a refresher, or if there are things that are still unclear and haven't quite clicked, or could use a dose of more vocabulary, this might be the perfect way to do it - as opposed to having to go back to class, hiring an expensive private teacher, or puzzling over your old course books. It's worth noting that the grammar elements schools teach in A2 are the "trickiest" and most important for learning to speak and understand German - the concepts of the higher levels are mostly just fancy, so it's worth ensuring that you have a firm grounding in the A levels, if nothing else.

I'm an extrovert. I like making friends and working together with people to learn German. I don't think this course is for me.

I think this is a good argument not to take this course, at least not on its own. You might benefit from first doing this course before starting a class, then breezing through it, or using this course as an addition, to augment what you're learning in school (I like to think this: When going on a trip, rather than having a spare tire in your car, it's like having a mountain bike hooked to the back, along for the ride and allowing you a completely different way of exploring the landscape on your trip.)

The grammar is so hard. I am too intimidated to learn German.

This is one of those myths that no one really benefits from, except perhaps language schools who want to stretch out their incessant dancing-around-the-grammar-bush routine and keep charging you for it, or people who have mastered German and want to gloat about it. The thing is this: You can actually speak German and be perfectly understood without using German grammar at all. I'm serious, you can just use German words and use them like you would in an English sentence. Not only will you be understood just fine (and I know many people like this), you'll even be completely correct a lot of the time.

Number two is that no one expects foreigners to have perfect sentences. If you have even a trace of an accent, Germans just see incorrect grammar as part of the package and don't bat an eye. So you don't have to stress out about it.

But the most important point is this: The grammar is not actually hard, and in the allegedly most challenging topics I make a strong case that your brain already knows how to do it all, and has been doing so since you were a baby. In this course you'll drop all your apprehensions and get to actually see language from a mind-blowing new perspective - including English.

I feel like there's a fog over my brain sometimes, I can't even watch good tv shows if they require thinking. Is this a problem?

I do think this is an issue that's not acknowledged enough and that I think many people can relate to. I believe that, in the way I designed this course, it's an advantage: I want the brain to be relaxed, and on autopilot for these lessons. Through repetition and exposure, you'll absorb the language - and I also believe that when it comes to information, you will likely receive a spark and snap into attention as things finally click and fall into place and you feel the fog lifting. I think this course is unique in this regard: While it does need your eyeballs to be open, and for you not to multitask, in of itself, it doesn't require you to be hyperfocused from the get-go.

Can't I learn all this from a book?

A long time ago, when I was super motivated and books were totally a thing, I excitedly tried to learn Russian from one. Then, a few weeks later, I actually had an opportunity to go to Russia and was thrilled to try out what I learned. I asked an old lady where the bus was. Simple enough, right? "Gdye avtobus?" She had literally NO clue at all what I was trying to say. Not even close.

Now I know that my pronunciation was so bad that I might as well have been speaking Welsh to her. Specifically, the emphasis was on the wrong syllable and I added an extra letter between "g" and "d"... anyway, the point of the story is that out of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, "listening" is absolutely important if you actually want to communicate with people. And there's no way books can do that. As supplements they can be great, of course.

Can't I just find all this information in blogs, forums and articles around the internet for free?

It's super important when deciding how to learn German to know that language proficiency is a skill, and NOT knowledge. In other words, even if you had all "information" about the language downloaded into your brain and readily available, it will be an incredible grind to transform that into actual real-time communication. What you need is not information, but guidance and practice. All three of which you will get in this course - allowing you to communicate freely and effortlessly.

Ugh, I'm not even that passionate about learning German or really NEED it. It just feels like the appropriate thing to do.

In my experience, this is a common sentiment, especially for expats living in Berlin, whose friends and coworkers all speak English, and live in place where English is spoken in every venue they like to go to. But at some point people realize that it's limiting and also a bit embarassing, especially as they settle in and the years start going by. No matter what your (lack of) motivation level is, with Deutschable I aim to make learning fun, not a slog. Not only do I aim to take the fear out of it, but also the boredom - it's a cool language that allows you a whole new level of expression, and a whole new dimension of interacting with your environment. With Deutschable, this process is effortless, quick, fun, and if I did my job right, will ignite a curiosity, and maybe even a passion for German in you that will sustain a healthy appetite for further learning. It'll be an exciting feeling of growth and allow you to step out of your comfort zone ("The Ring" in Berlin).

I need to pass the Goethe/TELC/TestDaF or high school test. Will this course help?

This course is quite consciously NOT designed for test-takers. It does not include test-taking strategies or address the specific question-types of German tests. The Deutschable course is made for people who want to use the language for communication. That having been said, this course WILL improve your German and give you an excellent understanding of the structures that are likely being tested for, as well as a very broad range of vocabulary. You will likely find that this course will be immensely helpful for your test, but I can't guarantee it. My personal advice for these formal tests is: Make sure you take a course that goes up to (or, better yet, beyond) the level that the test is for (for example, TestDaF tests at a much higher level of proficiency than the scope of the Deutschable course) and then get a book with practice tests for this specific tests (with an answer section, of course).

I want to be able to ask my teacher questions if I am struggling with something. Is there a way to do that here?

At least in the first iteration of this course, there's a comment section under each lesson, allowing students to give feedback and ask questions, which will be reviewed by me. The plan is then to either leave these interactions for posterity, or to incorporate the issue into an updated version of the lesson. I might decide differently on a case-by-case basis.

As far as "Well, what about..." questions go, though, often the answer is "That's a very good question, and we will get to it in a future lesson very soon." This also applies to topics that have already been covered, as they are re-taught further down the road, slightly differently.

Do I have to be a native speaker of English to benefit from this course?

Not at all, and I am very sorry if I gave anyone that impression. I myself sometimes use the odd American idiom here and there, and some very rare references may be quite specific to US-centric pop culture (and I assure you, nothing newer than around 2004) - but extremely sparingly and not in any important way.

I highly encourage anyone who has been able to follow the language on this page to enroll in this course. I spend almost all my time with non-native English speakers and they were on the top of my mind when I designed this course.

Is this really the best way to learn a language?

It's not the best way to learn a language for everyone, but it might be the best way for YOU. It certainly is the best way for me, and I really hope that more courses for other things like this pop up in the future so that I can benefit from them as well. This course here is literally the kind of course I would have always wished for myself.

There are hundreds of beautiful ways to learn a language, and many of them work really well for some people but not for others. So try this out and see if this works for you and finally puts a stop to playing Angry Birds or pacing around the room, imagining how amazing everything would be if you could learn German.

A final word.

I completely get it: You didn't arrive on this page intending to buy a self-study German course. And even now you're not entirely swayed that this is the right way for you to learn German. And that's completely valid. Part of the goal of this page is to weed out people for whom this isn't a good fit, saving me from having to issue loads of refunds to disappointed people who needed something totally differerent. :-)

Learning isn't really fun for a lot of people, in of itself. It's like running. What *is* fun is progressing, knowing you're getting better, investing in yourself and the feeling of accomplishment after each session and looking back over a period of consistent exercise. This is fun to fantasize about - like a montage sequence. Now it's time to start actually doing it and getting out of the rut.  

Treat yourself to a unique experience. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Let me help you learn German today.

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